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Engineering Hardware Engineering

Sone India's hardware engineers can take your ideas and quickly turn them into functional products. From inexpensive microcontrollers to multiprocessing platforms, our engineers create efficient cost effective solutions.We’ve built a vast library of reusable subsystems that can be reused in your application to reduce cost, development time and get you to market faster. Libraries include but are not limited to automotive tested power supplies, Bluetooth modules, ISM band communication subsystems, highly accurate A to D converters, microcontroller subsystems, class D audio amplifiers, and the list goes on. We look forward to discussing your unique requirements with you. We’ll get from here to market the quickest way possible.

Software Engineering

From application layer software development to custom Android device drivers, our software engineers develop reliable, modular, and tested code for incorporation into your product. Software is the secret sauce that makes your product work. Everyone knows what happens when software development is not executed well – failing products, increased development costs and unhappy customers. We develop fully documented software to industry standards using quality coding methodologies. We would be pleased to discuss your application with you and let you know how we can increase your products performance and reliability. Let our expertise with requirement analysis, system architecture design, software coding and testing help you!

Manufacturing & Technology on a Global Scale.

Sone India is a leading supplier of turnkey hardware and software technology for the automotive, transportation and public safety markets. We deliver advanced electronic
solutions for complex vehicle control, infotainment and entertainment systems. Our company-wide focus on process and quality control provides customers with the highest levels
of reliability in their products.

In addition, Sone India also offers electronic product innovators and original equipment manufacturers the core strength and competency of stateside embedded technology engineering,
product development and contract electronic manufacturing. We have an unrivaled global supply base, working with industry leading companies and partners from around
the world to procure and source the highest quality components.

We are proud to supply Tier 1, Global OEM, and regional customers with industry leading quality products and services from our state of the art manufacturing & engineering facilities.
Lectronix’s corporate headquarters is centrally located Michigan’s capital city of Lansing with satellite engineering offices located in Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids.

From the inception of your project to the final deliverable, the Sone India team values our partnership and works hard to exceed your expectations. We pride ourselves on providing the communication, innovation and quality that you should come to expect from a stateside electronics manufacturer.

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